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About Us

How it all began

In 1999, I found myself travelling through South American on a six-month adventure. I quickly fell in love with the diverse scenery, the wonderful locals, and their rich and interesting culture. I have returned every year since.

I founded Matico in 2003, naming my new company after a beautiful Ecuadorian woman I met on my very first trip to South America. She took me under her wing and welcomed me into her household alongside her wonderful family. She gave me lots of advice, and introduced me to many talented craft producers, many of whom I still work with to this day.

- Sarah Winter

What is Matico?

Based in the artistic and Bohemian market town of Frome, Somerset.

We love to travel and explore the world and  like to buy beautiful Clothing and Gifts from talented crafts people. Bringing them to the U.K to share with our wonderful customers. 

Where are Matico products from?

The products we sell are from all over the world! In the beginning, we were working with families and producers in South American countries, such as Ecuador and Peru. Since then, we have started trading in other countries, as well as with liked-minded traders in the UK.

We have recently started to trade with small producers in Nepal, as Sarah has recently travelled to Kathmandu Valley. As well as the direct trading we take part in as we travel across the globe, we work with many other companies, such as Namaste and Siesta, who trade in countries that we are yet to visit. This means that we also get to give our customers the opportunity to buy crafts from countries such as Mexico, Indonesia, India and many more.

How can I buy Matico products?

We have recently entered the world of online shopping - feel free to browse our new website and place your orders! Please keep in mind that we will have limited stock of most products due to the way in which we source them – so if you’ve got your eye on something, make sure you order it as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

As well as ordering products online, you can find Matico at many festivals during the summer, and at some of the finest Christmas markets in December. You can follow us on social media to find out where we’ll be next – we’d love it if you came and said hello!