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9 Reasons to Visit India

Posted on April 03 2018

Many of my products are handmade and produced in India – I’m very proud to buy from the hardworking traders across India, engaging in ethical trading and paying fair prices for quality products.

India is a truly beautiful destination – it’s vibrant culture and bustling atmosphere certainly leaves a lasting impression on anyone who travels there!

Here are my favourite things about India, and the reasons why you should venture there yourself...


1. It offers several holidays rolled into one


India is a huge country – it’s just over a third of the size of the whole United States! Just imagine all the amazing sights you can see in a country this big…

In addition to safari excursions and exploring the bustling cities of New Delhi and Mumbai, there are various different types of holidays to be had here. You could go hiking, as the Himalayas lies to the north, relax on a beach in the south, explore the desert land in the west, or venture into the tribal territories towards the east.


2. It has one of the largest tribal populations in the world


Speaking of tribal territories, India is certainly the place to go if you want to immerse yourself in different cultures.

Almost 10% of India’s population (that’s over 80 million people) are tribals. They have retained their rituals and customs, setting themselves aside from the modern world and becoming closer to nature.

Set aside some time on your itinerary for a trip to the deep forests of Odisha, perhaps, or the desert lands of Rajasthan, and open your mind to the lives of the fascinating tribes that dwell there.


3. You can visit on a budget or splash out


From budget hotels, to backpacker hostels, to grand palace hotels, there’s a place to stay that will suit every budget and let you enjoy your stay in a way that suits you.

Despite what people may think about Indian accommodation, it’s all modern and clean, and the hospitality is particularly amazing. The people of India love hosting guests – to enjoy some traditional Indian hospitality, try a homestay on your visit.


4. You’ll be helping out the economy


By travelling both in peak season or off-peak, you’ll be helping out the many family-owned businesses that thrive off tourism.

Many businesses need the money made during peak season to carry them through the less busy seasons, which means any money spent will be gratefully received.


5. Work on your mindfulness


Many people travel to India to learn all about meditation, yoga, and general mindfulness.

A great number of Indians participate in spiritual practices and various different types of worship, which they will often happily allow curious tourists to take part it.


6. It boasts incredible architecture


India is home to many stunning monuments, palaces, and majestic buildings.

You will have heard of the most popular, the Taj Mahal, but there are many, many more to be explored. You certainly won’t run out of magnificent architecture to ogle at!

7. Indian food is simply amazing


Authentic Indian cuisine is actually hugely different to the food you would pick up at your local Indian takeaway or restaurant.

Everyone should enjoy a taste of some real Indian food at least once in their lives!


8. You can shop for unique clothing and gifts


The lively and diverse markets are a big part of my love of India. I have sourced many original pieces from traders and sellers in India, and they have always been produced to a high-quality and look beautiful.

If you travel to India, make sure you visit a local market and check out the clothing and trinkets that they have for sale there – usually, you’ll end up grabbing a bargain that is not only pretty, but is also completely unique!


9. Ideal for tea-lovers


India produces some of the best tea in the world!

You may have heard of sweet Chai tea? It’s a speciality in India and is just gorgeous when you try some in the very country where it’s grown.


Have you been to India? What are your favourite things about it?


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